The Perth After Hours Guide

Planning on partying the night away in Perth? Fabulous! You are going to have a massive number of places to choose from. While it is going to be nigh on impossible to list every top-notch place in the city that you can head ‘after hours’, we do want to highlight some of our favourites.

Villa Nightclub

This must be right up there with one of the best. Ever since its renovation in 2009, it has gone from strength to strength. This nightclub is split over two floors. There are three bars here. This is coupled with an awesome stage for live music, DJ console for other music. This is a fantastic party destination and we are positive that you will have a lot of fun while you are here.

The Aviary Bar

This is somewhere to head if you want to feel a little more relaxed at the evening. One of the reasons as to why we love The Aviary Bar so much is due to the rooftop bar that it boasts. This is an open air bar which gives glorious views over Perth. Up to 600 people can be entertained over the two levels of this bar, and it does fill up quickly. Make sure you get in there early!

Geisha Bar

If you love your night clubs with a bit of decadence, then the Geisha Bart is where you are going to need to be. It can be found in Northbridge, Perth. Make sure that you dress incredibly well when you are heading to the Geisha Bar. This is a place that absolutely oozes class, and you are probably going to look like the odd one out if you do not do that!

Conservatory Rooftop Bar

This was one of the first rooftop bars in Perth. In fact, it was probably the first. This means that you can expect some great things from it. The roof is retractable, just for those colder and wetter days. One of the reasons as to why night owls head here, particularly throughout the weekends, is the big-name DJs that the bar is able to attract. Couple this with some premium quality alcohol and you have one of the best places in Perth to head of an evening.

Ambar Night Club

This is rated the 42nd best dance nightclub in the world. It is located number 1 in Perth, and has been for years. Basically, if you want to dance, then the Ambar night club is probably the place to head. As you may imagine, since this nightclub is going to be quite a hot ticket, it does manage to fill out very quickly. If you fancy dancing the night away, then you are going to need to turn up at the door very early or you are going to miss out!

Universal Bar

This is a place which looks like it has been whipped out of America culture. It is a jazz and blues bar which has been loosely based on the ones that you can find in New Orleans. This is the place to head if you want to relax of an evening. Of course, that is not the only thing that is on offer here. As with many places in America, you will be able to sink your teeth into some gorgeous food. When we say gorgeous, we mean gorgeous. Many international acts have played at the Universal Bar, and they keep coming. This means that you may be able to catch a decent show!

Creatures Nextdoor

This one can be found in Freemantle. It is a loft bar which is small, but still has enough space for you to move about. This is the place to head if you want to see some good live music, as well as drink some of the finest wines available in Perth.