Top 10 Dining Spots in Perth to Check Out

Perth is packed to the brim with awesome restaurants. If you can think of an item of food, then there is probably somewhere in Perth that you will be able to pick it up. This is a guide to some of the best restaurants in the city. This is not a complete list. It took us an age to really drill down this list to just 10. We are positive that there are plenty of other restaurants that could be included. We are confident that you will love each of the restaurants on this list, though. There is a little bit of something for everybody!


If you love your meat, then the Chophouse is where you need to be. This is a company which really goes ‘overboard’ with the whole meat thing too. We mean this is a food way. You absolutely must try their T-bone steak while you are here. Of course, you will need to come back for a second time as the lamb chops are also a must sample!


We love Greek food. We are sure you will too. This is a place which oozes quality food. We are talking gorgeous meatballs, with a hint of cinnamon spice. Pork belly, fantastic salads, and a whole lot more.  It is a surprisingly cheap place to visit too. The main reason as to why we included Brika on this list, other than the fact that the food here is absolutely delicious, is down to the fact that the décor inside of the building is second-to-none. We are talking fantastic marble tables and beautiful decorations. It will feel like you are in Greece!

Petition Kitchen

This is a relatively new Perth restaurant, but the food is awesome. It is actually run by a couple of people who have designed the menus, and subsequently run, a few restaurants in Melbourne. The open kitchen is the real highlight here. You will be able to see all of your fantastic food being prepared in front of your very eyes. The beer here is not too shabby either.

Nao Japanese Ramen

Love Japanese food? You will love this place. They allow you to completely customise the ramen that you are buying. Add whatever you want to it. This is after you choose what your base broth is going to be! This is unlike the ramen that you get in the packet from your local supermarket, don’t worry!

Old Faithful Bar & BBQ

As you can imagine for a BBQ bar, there is a lot of meat available here. This is proper American-style meat too. They have been carefully smoked for a long time. In fact, the meats here have been cooked for about 26 hours. Imagine how tender it is going to be! Since this is a bar, you can expect some decent drinks to be available too.

East Village

This is a restaurant which specialises in American cuisine, particularly cuisine that has been pulled from New York. Do not expect any fancy dishes here. The dishes on offer are very much for those who want some nice comfort food. This includes waffles, hot dogs, burgers, and all of that. No need to head to America now!

Co-Op Dining

This is a fine dining restaurant. When we say fine dining, this is a restaurant that really aims to pay attention to the details. Most restaurants will order ingredients in. Great! This is how it should be done, yes? Well, not exactly. That is not what Co-Op dining seems to think, at least. The chef, for instance, goes out there and picks the mushrooms himself. Most of their items are produced ‘in house’. It is a bit more on the expensive side, but it is going to be worth it.


German food galore! Of course, since this restaurant is all about Germany, you can also expect some decent German beers too. Well, awesome German beers! The only real difficulty you are going to have at this place is learning how to pronounce everything that is on the list!

The Flour Factory

If you like your food to be delicious, and we are sure you do, then the Flour Factory is where you need to be. Everything is cooked to absolute perfection here. Imagine potatoes slapped with bacon mayo. Venison that has been tenderly cooked. Pastrami. Awesome breads. Heaven.

Lalla Rookh

If you want some Italian, then this is where you are going to want to head. It is a bit hidden, but the best eateries do tend to remain a secret! Since this is an Italian restaurant, you can expect a lot of wine to go around. This is coupled with some of the best Italian food that we have ever tasted in Australia. This place is fabulous.