Where to Go for the Best Food Truck Food

In recent years, food trucks have begun to pop up all over Australia. You probably have noticed a few of them in your home town. We are massive fans of them. We do not know why, but in our opinion, food just tastes that much better from a truck. Therefore, we have decided to put together a guide to some of the best food trucks in Australia. Of course, these food trucks do move about quite a bit. They are trucks, after all. We are going to try and break them down into general location, though. Remember; food trucks tend to be located in the larger cities, so this page is going to be overflowing with ideas for both Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

Mama Linh’s

This is a Vietnamese food truck that can be found in in Wynyard Park throughout the week. They get all over Sydney throughout the weekend. This place specialises in Vietnamese street food, and boy is it going to be delicious. One of the things that we really love about this food truck is the fact that they love to change up their offerings on a regular basis. If you are going to head here, then we absolutely recommend that you check out their ‘pho-style’ beef roll. It may be cheap, but it is so delicious. If you work close to Mama Linh’s, you are probably going to be returning here every lunch break from here on out!


This is not strictly a food truck, but it comes close. This is another one which is in Sydney. He can be found wandering around Bath and Wayward. This is a small food cart which specialises in home cooked food. The offerings differ here. Some days you may find gorgeous fried chicken. Other days you may find streaky bacon. Others, you will be able to enjoy awesome onion rings. Basically, all the ’home comforts’ can be found on the BusBoy cart. It is fantastic! Make sure you check out the fried chicken sandwich!


People in Sydney love their organic food. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Agape is so popular in the city. They offer pork rolls (slow brazed for 14 hours, it is delicious), fantastic hot dogs, and all sorts of culinary delights. They come in at a very cheap price too. You will be able to find Agape around Sydney Olympic Park most days. However, they do get around a little bit. You should check out their website to find out exactly where they are and at what time.

Eat Art Truck

This is the last one that we are going to mention for Sydney. This truck, which moves around far too much for us really to tell you where it is most of the time, specialises in American street food. Expect fantastic pulled pork sandwiches, fries, coleslaw, and all of the BBQ sauce that you can tuck into. You are probably going to find the Eat Art Truck at every major event in the Sydney area.

Comida do Sul

We are heading to Perth for this one. Again, this is a food truck which moves about far too often for us really to pinpoint where it is going to be and at what time. This food truck specialises in Brazilian and Latin American food. If you want to find them, then it is likely that they are going to be located in the Fremantle area, but we can’t guarantee that!

The Acai Corner

Something a little bit different here. The previous food trucks, while delicious, are not especially healthy (although delicious, we must stress the delicious part!). If you are looking for something healthy, then you may want to head to The Acai Corner, located in South Perth Foreshore. It is close to the Mends Street Jetty. It is not the cheapest food truck in the world, but it is certainly one of the best tasting ones around, particularly if you are looking to avoid piling on the calories!

The Little Mushroom Co.

Time to head on over to Melbourne for this one. The location of this food truck changes on a seasonal basis, so we recommend that you check out their website.

This food truck is for the vegetarians out there. As you may have guessed, just about everything that they sell involves mushrooms. Their mushroom burgers (no meat in these bad boys!) are delightful. In fact, you will be surprised at just how delicious some mushrooms slapped between a couple of buns can be. Check out their ciabattas, they are wonderful!

Super Taco

We have heard some pretty bad stories about people who have picked up tacos on the street (not literally, of course!). Thankfully, that is not going to be much of an issue if you head to Super Taco. These are delicious. One of the unique things about Super Taco is that they are not afraid to go against the norm. Ever tried a taco with a cactus flavouring? Nope? Well, you can do that at Super Taco! You will be able to find this around Federation Square, although do check out their social media to get an idea about where they will be and when!

Hammer & Tong

This is actually a café that has managed to branch out into the world of food trucks, and we are glad that they did. They can be found at BCKYRD in Melbourne every weekend. They get around during the week. One of the food items that we really loved at the Hammer & Tong was the crab burger. In fact, by all accounts, this is one of the most popular food items that they offer. If you are not a fan of crab, then do not worry as the food truck has plenty of smoked meats that you will be able to tuck into too!

Mr Burger

Finally, let us talk to you about Mr. Burger. This is, as you may have guessed, a burger food truck. They should be easy to find in Melbourne. They have seven trucks rolling about. This is on top of four permanent stores. Make sure you try as many burgers as possible here. They are some of the best around!